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Board Members
★ Gina Berger
★ Cher Stone
★ Nicki Karst
★ Julie Braun Williams
★ Carolyn Robertson
★ Kristina Buchan
★ Cher Stone
★ Margaret Wimbourne
★ Nick Burrows
★ Todd DeVries
★ Angie Lee
★ Leslie Mayer
★ Dave Manson (Ex Officio)

The Community Outreach Center started is a dream shared by several members of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, who worked in the Soup Kitchen in the basement of that same building. We wanted to move the Soup Kitchen to a bigger, more accessible location that just happened to be next door. At about the same time in 2002, the two Episcopal churches were making plans to merge, so it was a perfect time to sell the St. Mark's building, buy the neighboring MPCU building and give the Soup Kitchen a new home.

In 2003 that is exactly what happened. And since there was so much extra room, we invited four other charities to share the space at no charge. With this development, a new Board of Directors was formed to run the newly named Community Outreach Center. A facility dedicated to housing social service charities free of charge, so that they could use their meeger funds on their very important missions.

With the very generous aid of many many foundations, businesses, churches and individuals, we have paid off the initial cost of the building and the renovation expenses. We continue to raise money for the operational costs and for the hope of helping more charities attain their goals. Our newest endeavor is to help launch the Emergency Housing Exchange which will close the gap between the homeless person/family and a more stable housing opportunity. Look for this agency to be functioning in the first couple months of 2010.

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