Idaho Falls Community Outreach Center

Emergency Housing Exchange

We have discovered that there are clients who have spent weeks in local motels at the expense of the benevolent community, thereby using funds which could have helped the truly needy. In these times of growing need, we need to be better stewards of the dollars entrusted to us by our donors by cross-referencing referrals.

A 501©3 organization under the umbrella of the Community Outreach Center
A central provider for emergency motel vouchers
Initially financed by an $8000.00 grant

When a person/family approaches any participating church or agency (between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. M-F), they will be handed off to a cell phone manned by volunteer tracker teams who will arrange for one night's lodging. The phone will step up after hours to the crisis teams from Club, Inc. We would like to have 8 teams so that the team serves one week out of 8.

Clients will be crosschecked for previous motel stays at public expense and this service will be a one time emergency solution.

More nights will be available if the clients follow up with assigned caseworkers from Health & Welfare, Club, Inc., etc. who will evaluate and make recommendations for long term solutions to the underlying causes of their homeless status.

This assistance is available by referral only.

Volunteer Opportunites: Sign up to serve as a "tracker" Contact Bev Kemp.

Please email Bev Kemp at for more information or clarification

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